If you’re interested in volunteering at the 2018 National Conference, you’ve come to the right place. There are the two ways you can help.

Conference Ambassador

Our ambassador program puts first-time participants at ease before the conference by introducing them to a seasoned participant. This opportunity is only open to members.

Why should I volunteer as an ambassador?
The National Conference is a rare opportunity to make lasting connections and strengthen the community of individuals practicing lean philanthropy.

As an ambassador, you will be connected with one or more participants new to our conference. We encourage you to take some time before the conference to share your experience with peers and welcome them into our community. Make your connection meaningful by scheduling an in-person meet-up during the conference.

How much time will I need?
The time commitment for participants is minimal; we anticipate an hour of time prior to the conference and an hour at the conference.

How do I volunteer?
Volunteering is easy and has been integrated into our conference registration process. Please contact us with any questions.

Dine-Around Host

Want to enjoy a casual evening with conference peers? Convene colleagues over dinner (aka dine-around) on Friday, September 28, starting at 6:30 pm, after the conclusion of the Opening Night Reception.

How will conference participants learn about and sign up for the dinners?
We will publicize the dinners by email to all conference participants. Participants can register before the conference (later this summer) or during the conference at our on-site concierge desk.

What types of dine-arounds can I host?
We typically see three formats for dine-arounds:

  • Open topic, informal conversation—Participants connect informally by visiting a specific restaurant or enjoying a particular type of cuisine.
  • Topic-focused, informal conversation—Hosts select topics around which to tee up an informal conversation.
  • Topic-focused with speaker presentation—Hosts invite a speaker to share knowledge and engage diners in conversation about a specific topic.

Where can we hold our dine-around?
You can hold your dine-around at any restaurant. We recommend you consider a restaurant’s accessibility, distance from the hotel, and whether you require a private space. You’ll need to call the restaurant to make the reservation. Restaurants tend to charge a fee for use of a private room.

Who pays for what?
Dine-arounds can be hosted or self-paid. For hosted dinners, the host pays for dinner for all participants. For self-paid dinners, participants pay for their own meal. When you volunteer to host a dine-around, clearly state whether the dinner is hosted or self-paid.

How many participants should I expect?
Dine-arounds can be as small as 3-5 people or as large as 15-20 people. You determine your maximum size depending on the availability at your selected restaurant. Make sure to call the restaurant to confirm group size.

May I send invitations?
You certainly can spread the word to colleagues attending the conference, but Exponent Philanthropy does not send invitations for individual dinners or share our participants’ contact information with dine-around hosts.

I’d like to host. What are the next steps?
Indicate your interest when you register for the conference. We will follow up with you over the summer to gather information, such as meeting location, time, and whether the dinner is hosted or self-paid. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions.